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. fEELING a LiTTLE tINGLY . [May. 24th, 2005|08:14 pm]
[mood |sleepysLEEPY]
[music |Lilacs & Lolita - fROM aUTUMN tO aSHES]

.....i go to sleep just so i can dream about you. i fall asleep just so i can see you. its so amazing how you've turned me around....you saved me..........and that's why i call you my hero <3 im all out of words today. i just cant use them

How can you not feel the same?
My love will fade with the sun.
As days go by, shed a tear.
I hate your face
More than life.
I'll fake a smile for (you) my dear.
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eATING mYSELF aWAY. .... .. ...... .... . . ... [May. 23rd, 2005|07:21 pm]
[mood |sicksICK]
[music |gREENER wITH tHE sCENERY - tHE uSED]

so i feel sick to fucking death.... wut the fuck else is new.... a different day - a different problem. yea so i dont have much to say, fuckin today sucked except for the little bit of the end of the day.... i got to see hIM <3 he's too beautiful...i wonder what he thinks when he sees me, i wonder what he feels when he sees me something i dont understand is how can he even look at me? how can he tell me ' i love you ' it just seems hes too fucking perfect to want to have anything to DO with me...... i love that he loves me i love that he gives me THAT SMILE i just hope to fucking gOD he doesnt hurt me x aGAIN

You took it back
You ripped my heart out of me then you put it back
I'm pulling my hair
I let you just a million times
I love you even though it isn't fair
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fUCKING dIE [May. 19th, 2005|04:37 am]
[mood |enragedeNRAGED]
[music |cOCAINE aND tOUPEES - MSI]

allyson needs a blow to the fucking face a bullet in both sides of her head, a black cock shoved down her throat, and her nipples torn off. she can eat shit and fuckin die. yea thats right, you DIDNT get your stupid beaver skull back....maybe its because its in about roughly......2 trillion pieces and i dont have ONE regret about that shit mother fucker... i dont give a fuck if u dont give me my shit back, but u made a big mistake.... you should know by now.... NOT TO FUCK WITH US keep my shit i dont fucking care. eat a cock... give yourself something to do since you have no fucking life... i want nothing to do with you ever afuckinggain. you are NOTHING you are useless to me and you always have been youve done nothing for me...or for steff for that matter. what kind of friend did you consider yourself to us? you have sucked every last bit of personality from us and now thats all you are -US- without us you are nothing, you have nothing, you cant say anything..... you were never a friend. friends dont try to get with someone their other friend has feelings for. a friend isnt someone who robs everyone of their identities. fuck you allyson you are shit!


Daddy's little girl's got a blood fetish.
Mommie's little girl's got a blood fetish.
Sweet little girl's got a blood fetish and she's trying to suck on me.
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wHAT dO i kNOW? [May. 18th, 2005|07:54 am]
[mood |numbnUMB]

what am i doing here? i cant even fucking think...where are we going? what are we doing..... im too fucking confused you dont want me but i cant go away....and i know thats all you want from me.......to go away....LEAvE im working on it precious.....im working on it. im stuck between the two worst places you could possibly be stuck....i want YOU, but sometimes i still want him....ive always wanted him....i HAD him.......but he left. who doesnt fucking leave? good things come rarely and when they DO, they dont even stay long enough to have a fucking cigarette......he was here and he was gone.....like that
when you want it
it goes away too fast
times you hate it
it always seems to last
but just remember when you think you're free
the crack inside your fucking heart is me

out of nowhere you came back to me......and now im falling for you so hard.....but do you even want me, or am i in this by myself AGAIN? what do we do....what ARE we doing............i hate being alive..... i love you too much to let you run away again. if i give you my heart again will you stay this time? please dont hurt me

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